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  • All-In-One Magic

    Your ultimate styling companion – dry, straighten, and curl, all with a single device.

  • Cost-Effective

    Invest in one versatile tool for all your hair styling needs and save a fortune on salon visits.

  • Time Saver

    Get salon-ready in 5 minutes flat – perfect for busy lifestyles.

  • Versatile

    Adaptable to all hair types – from pin-straight to the tightest coils.

  • No Heat Damage

    Style safely with our gentle heating technology, ensuring no heat damage.

  • Long Lasting Results

    Achieve styles that stay all day, from dawn until dusk.

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Trusted by Thousands

40,000+ Happy Stylers
  • Thea C.

    "The AirStyler Pro transformed my dull hair into a magnificent cascade of curls. It is a magical product that I recommend to all those who want to enhance their hair!"

  • Elsie D.

    "After trying many products, the Air styler is the one that has really made the difference for my curls. I could not be more satisfied with this purchase!"

  • Olivia B.

    "I recently received the Magic Styler and it is a really beautiful product! The curls on my daughter are superb. I will certainly recommend it to my friends and a big thank you to Thomas for customer service for his responsiveness when changing my device color."

  • Isla P.

    "I'm not used to leaving reviews, but it deserves it! I manage to make perfect curls, by modeling them a little with my hands to get the result I want. Pleasantly surprised by the airstyler!"

  • Harper T.

    "The quick drying function has really simplified my morning routine. My hair is always impeccable, and I save time every day."

  • Aurora C.

    "This styler has made styling my hair so much easier. The curls are magnificent, and I could not be more satisfied with this purchase!"

  • Amelia I.

    "Wow, it's incredible! This styler makes miracles with my curls! They are now bulky, shiny and well defined. In addition, it takes very little time. I'm completely a fan of this product. Every morning, styling my hair is a pleasure."

  • Maisie N.

    "I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the airstyler. It continues to produce exceptional results, and I recommend it to all my friends."

  • Eleanor P.

    "This is the best investment I made for my hair. Magic Styler's airstyler is an exceptional product that has really improved the quality of my curls!"

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AirStyler™ Pro

AirStyler™ Pro

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  • Dry, straigthen, curl, volumize..
  • Great for every hair type
  • Ready in 5 minutes
  • Stock: 3 AirStylers Pro left

Risk-Free Trial

You've got nothing to lose.

Embrace a 30-day trial and if you don't find yourself satisfied, simply return it for a full refund. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Reliable & Secure Delivery

Your order will arrive safely and on time, with our dependable delivery service that ensures your package is handled with care and precision from our door to yours.

Your order will be delivered via your local postal service. Your orders will be dispatched within 48 hours, then will take 6-12 days to be delivered worldwide.

  • UK: 4-6 business days
  • Europe: 8-10 business days
  • Rest of the world: 9-12 business days

24/7 Customer Service

Our team is on hand to answer all your questions 7 days a week, by email or by phone.

Hours: Mon to Fri 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm / Sat and Sun 10am to 12pm

Technical Specifications

  • Power: 1000W for robust performance
  • Electric Plug: G-type plug (Standard U.K. plug)
  • Voltage: Supports up to 230V for wide compatibility
  • Cord: 2m long with 360° swivel for ease of use
  • Temperature Settings: 3 levels for tailored styling
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Step Into a New Era of Hair Styling

AirStyler: Where Innovation Meets Care

Embrace the fusion of style and care with the AirStyler. Our pioneering approach to styling safeguards your hair by using a gentle stream of air, capped at a hair-friendly 105 degrees. It’s intelligent heat control, monitoring temperature 40 times a second to prevent the risk of heat damage that’s all too common with traditional styling tools.

The result? Beautifully styled hair that stays healthy, strong, and vibrant.

Salon Styles in Minutes

Recreate the luxury of a salon experience with our AirStyler. It's not just about saving time; it's about elevating your everyday hair routine. Imagine stepping out with bouncy curls or sleek, straight hair that whispers salon perfection, all achieved in the comfort of your home.

The AirStyler is your secret to that 'just-styled' look, every single day.

Master the Coanda Curl with AirStyler

Discover the secret behind the AirStyler's magic. Leveraging the Coanda effect, it lures your hair into a dance around the barrel, spinning it into curls with 100,000 RPM of airflow, not extreme heat.

Even for the most delicate hair, it promises bouncy curls that last from sunrise to sunset.

Simplicity Meets Versatility

The AirStyler redefines convenience with its intuitive design. Switch effortlessly among drying, straightening, curling, and blow-drying with just a click. Each of the five bespoke attachments promises a new look that's both easy to achieve and stunningly effective.

Styling at home has never been this simple.

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    Kickstart your styling routine with our pre-styling drying feature, priming your hair with a uniform airflow, setting you up for a flawless finish.


    Create stunning curls with a simple twist. Our AirStyler's looping function makes it effortless to add bounce and beauty to your hair, quickly and without the heat damage.


    Say goodbye to frizz and hello to sleek. Our smoothing brush replaces irons and delivers silky-smooth hair with a softer touch, perfect for everyday elegance.


    Boost your hair's volume with our round brush designed for maximum lift. It's the secret to that bouncy, salon-style volume at home, every single day.

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We don't mean to brag but..

Free 30 Day Trial

You've got nothing to lose, try it for 30 days, and if you're not completely satisfied with your Airstyler, you can send it back for a full refund.



Will the AirStyler™ also work on my hair?

When developing the AirStyler™, we made sure it was suitable for all hair types.

Whatever your hair type and length, the AirStyler gives you maximum styling flexibility with 5 different accessories.

Why is the AirStyler™ so affordable?

The question is legitimate and the answer is very simple. When developing the MagicStyler I AirStyler™, our main aim was to make it accessible to everyone.

We cut costs considerably by offering online sales only. This allows us to focus our budget on the product without sacrificing quality.

How do I use the AirStyler™ correctly?

The AirStyler™ has been designed to be very easy to use, so that anyone can easily operate it. A user's guide will be included in your package.

What if AirStyler™ isn't right for me?

If you're not completely satisfied with your AirStyler™ and want to return it, we'll give you a full refund!

What type of electric plug comes with the AirStyler™?

All our MagicStyler products shipped to the UK come equipped with a standard UK plug, ensuring they are ready to use immediately and comply with UK electrical standards for your safety and convenience.

Do you deliver abroad?

Yes, we deliver all over the world.

How long does delivery take?

That depends on the volume of orders to be processed and your location. It varies from 2 to 5 working days in the UK.

Deliveries abroad can take from 3 to 6 working days. Delivery details will be sent to you by email.


    2-Year Warranty on all MagicStyler products


    Tracked Secure Delivery in 6 to 10 Days


    Satisfied or your money back in 30 Days


    Dedicated and Responsive Customer Service


    3D SSL Encrypted Secure Payments

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